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Renovation of Halladay's wind turbine

The objective of the reconstruction was to put it back to the original condition. The interior was to be adapted to a new use, keeping the character and leaving the original machinery.

Being architects both my husband and myself we started to work and by the end of 1992 we finished our design. Since there was no drawing of the original wind turbine, we had to work with a photograph taken in 1937, trying to derive sizes of individual components. We also used drawings of wind turbine borrowed from Technical Museum in Brno.

A period of fund raising began...

In mid 1993 we could start personally selecting contractors for individual trades despite the distance from our home, determined to spend most of our time at the construction site to oversee the work.

To obtain a building permit required one year of work - it was issued at the end of 1993. At that time carpenter work began, followed by other trades which continued throughout 1994.

Individual parts of the wind turbine were manufactured in Autumn of 1994, assembled in December and erected on scaffolding in front of the mill. The last preparations were completed during snow-storm and on February 4th, 1995 - the wind turbine of diameter of 10m, weighing 2 tons was installed at the night of 16m above the ground.